Corporate governance

Q-Park stands for good corporate governance with proper supervision and transparent reporting. The duties and responsibilities of executive directors, supervisory board members and shareholders are carefully defined. The Q-Park Governance Code and the rules applied by the legislator applicable to two-tier board companies are anchored in the articles of association. These provide the starting point and guidelines for Q-Park's own corporate ethics, sound corporate governance and proper supervision thereon.

A temporary provision in the Management and Supervision (Public and Private Companies) Act requires that large companies balance the appointment of men and women or explain why there is no equilibrium and what measures the organisation intends to take to improve the balance. At Q-Park, all members of the executive board and four of the five members of the supervisory board are men. The appointments are thus not evenly distributed. This unbalanced distribution is not a conscious choice of Q-Park, but the result of appointing the most suitable person to a vacant position. When an executive position becomes vacant and Q-Park has the choice of appointing a man or woman of equal quality and suitability, the preference will go to a woman.

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