Future perspective and ambition

Operational excellence

In the coming years we will continue to work on our operational excellence through operation Shared Services 2.0. Further streamlining of internal processes, such as financial and ICT services, helps increase our return on investment. We can guarantee maintaining the level of service to our customers through excellent technical facilities. Deploying fewer employees where possible is a major step towards a higher level of efficiency.

Shared Services 2.0


The car parking market is a growing market that is highly dynamic. Q-Park follows new developments closely. Consider, for instance, car sharing, electric driving and reserving a parking space online. In the coming years the real estate company will keep a keen eye on potential parking facilities that can enrich our portfolio. For this we concentrate on the larger, but above all, attractive cities with multifunctional centres that attract visitors during the day as well as in the evenings.

We organise our parking company to maximise return, where our starting point is the integral nature of inner cities and the coherence of the various mobility and parking solutions. Making maximum use of central and online services, knowledge of the market, and of our customers and partners will contribute to all this.

Collaboration partner

Q-Park endeavours to be the most preferred and recommended parking partner at strategic locations in North-West Europe. We understand that cooperation is indispensable for improving the accessibility and quality of city life. We therefore do everything we can to enter into dialogue with local authorities, transport companies, real estate developers and owners, retailers, customer groups and other stakeholders in the urban areas. Together with these groups we can improve the quality of the public space in a sustainable and responsible manner.