Lower consumer confidence is making its presence felt in the keener price negotiations with partners on parking tariffs. In addition, we note that in 2013 the number of users of our parking facilities has declined across the board. In the past year we have also issued fewer season tickets. Among the customers who purchase individual tickets - 75% of our parking revenues - more are purchasing a ticket online. To date, this is worth almost EUR 2 million.

Quality is and remains the decisive factor for the customer. Customers continue to expect more from a parking facility, such as 24/7 availability and better service. Our response is to continually improve our services.

Increasingly, customers ask themselves where they will park at their final destination before they set out. Advance booking and reservation therefore meets a clear need, certainly if parking is part of a mobility chain. The first results of Q-Park's trials with this provision in Ireland, Great Britain, the Netherlands and France underline this.

Q-Park regularly organises promotional campaigns for parking with an attractive parking tariff. We would like to introduce new customers to our quality concept and encourage the bond with loyal customers. This can be through special offers for short term parking, for attracting season ticket holders, as well as for organisations near a parking facility who would like to do something for their customers, consider here amenities such as hotels and fitness studios.