Geographic portfolio

Critical mass

A balanced spread of the portfolio across various countries is important if Q-Park is to maintain a good position as an international player in the car parking market. Sufficient parking facilities, with nationwide spread at prime locations are crucial for our brand awareness. This also justifies our presence in a country.

Country choice

Q-Park has made a well-considered choice for the ten countries in Northern and Western Europe in which we now operate. These countries distinguish themselves by their economic strength and stable growth. We have merged the ten country-specific operational companies into four clusters; the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium (Mid); Great Britain and Ireland (West); France (South); and Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland (North).

The cluster Mid contributes the largest proportion of the revenue, approximately 40%, with a little less than 30% of the total number of parking spaces. The share of revenue generated by the cluster North is about 32%, with slightly less than 50% of the total number of parking spaces. The average revenue per parking space is lower here because many management contracts are for locations outside the city centre and there are a relatively large number of enforcement contracts.

Revenue per cluster

Parking spaces per cluster

Average revenue per parking space per cluster