Contract portfolio


Owned property forms the backbone of our portfolio. This mainly concerns the full legal ownership of parking facilities including the land and the economic owned property where the ground is leased in a long-term concession. Owned property can yield an interesting direct and indirect return on investment. We invest fully in the quality of these parking facilities.


Long-leased parking facilities offer more opportunities for investments in quality to pay back within the duration of the contract. Q-Park concentrates on long-term lease contracts, preferably with term to maturity of 15 years or longer. In parking facilities with a lease term of less than 15 years, Q-Park will make limited investments and the focus lies more on increasing the return on investment.


There are no significant risks associated with managed parking facilities. At the request of municipalities, shopping centre owners and other parties, Q-Park will also take on management contracts if they fit in the portfolio. Such contracts provide immediate results for Q-Park in the form of a management fee or enforcement revenue, without tying up capital or the need for start-up investments.